In June 2014, WasteChem arrived at a site in QLD to respond to an emergency situation that required the urgent cleaning of an Emulsion Tank. The emulsion inside the tank had crystalized and was restricting the flow and volume of product that could be transferred, creating an issue for the site and unwanted delays in supply of product. WasteChem were required to provide staff who were both trained in Confined Space and who were SSAN Licensed. WasteChem were requested to remove the crystallization that had built up at the discharge end of the tank and clean the internal walls and access hatches of the tank. All waste was to be removed from site and transferred to a licensed facility for treatment. This was done in (3) stages.

Stage 1: - Remove the bulk Emulsion from the tank. To do this a diaphragm pump was used and the product was transferred into 1000ltr IBC units for later disposal offsite at a treatment facility.

Stage 2: - Breakdown and remove the Crystallization from the tank walls. This was completed by using a combination of water and intrinsically safe equipment.

Stage 3: - Complete the cleaning of the internal surfaces, hatches and external entrance points and within the bunded area of the tank.

At the completion of the clean, the tank was handed back over to staff to be placed back into operation.

All waste was tracked to a licensed treatment facility and disposed of in accordance with DECC regulations. Waste Tracking, a Disposal certificate and a Cleanliness certificate were issued.

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