Resource Recovery

The time has come for all of us to look more closely at the options available to us and many companies now have environmental policies in place that will reduce their impact on the environment. A lot of companies now report on environmental performance in their annual reports.

Reducing waste to landfill is not as complicated or expensive as some may believe. By having in place a waste management program that addresses the needs and requirements of the site, now and in years to come many companies will realise real cost savings and significantly improve their environmental footprint. We believe education is the key and at the commencement of any contract we will roll out an education program that is supported throughout the full contract term.

Wastechem can provide reports to its client’s on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis that track such things as waste to landfill, recovery of recyclables, improvements alerts, DECC waste tracking and cost savings. Our reports are a simple and effective way of capturing the information that our clients need to report on both internally and to the regulators.

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